Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 4 Dakikalık Uzun Tanıtım Fragmanı


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Altyazılı: http://vimeo.com/90442781

Lee Joong Goo (Lee Deok Hwa): Ah Sung Won, Korea’s best hotel Ciel group’s chairman is your father. I promise that I will make you king.

Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook): The hotel is like paradise to me.

Joong Goo: Chairman Ah’s daughter is in Korea. 

Jae Wan: She has nothing to do with me.

Henchmen: I don’t understand how a woman who never showed up at her father’s funeral will take over the hotel.

Another man: She’s the only child of Chairman Ah so watch your mouth.

(At the car scene the worker says hi to the customer without realizing who she is.)

Lee Da Hae (Ah Mo Ne): Do you guys even know who I am? Who else but the heiress. It’s me, Ciel’s heiress, Ah Mo Ne.

(Ah Mo Ne enters the board room and says hi, sits on the comfortable chair and asks what brand it is.)

Baek Mi Nyeo (Kim Hae Sook): (She tells Ah Mo Ne that in the hotel they call her obnoxious, psycho, crazy, etc.) Should I continue? 

Mo Ne: What’s wrong with you? 

Woman: I checked her and she is picky, mean, rude, white hair, and always carries a cane.

Mo Ne: (She’s mad and chases her yelling.) Hey! Stop! Why are you blocking me? 

Song Chae Kyung (Wang Ji Hye): I know you’re here so that’s why I came. Do you even remember me? 

(Seulong wants to ride his motorcycle to relieve stress but the road is slippery so becareful.)

Mo Ne: Get off.

Sun Woo Hyun (Im Seulong): What? (while they’re riding..) Miss, please slow down.

Joong Goo: Don’t forget who’s your owner.

Baek Mi Nyeo: Do you know why a madwoman puts a flower in her hair? It’s to show that she is a madwoman.

Chae Kyung: I’m so happy right now. Do you know the feeling of having the world at your feet? 

Woo Hyun: I like her.

Mo Ne: I will remove you first.

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