Hotel King Başrol Oyuncuları “MBC Section TV”ye Konuk Oldu


“Hote King” basın toplantısından sonra dizinin başrol oyuncuları MBC’nin Section TV programına konuk oldu:

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Röportajın Çevirisi:
The cast does their normal character introductions and Seul Ong jokingly says that he’s a beggar. 
The reporter asked Dong Wook if he is cold in real life and he says he’s not and asked if Lee Da Hae is like her character and she says she’s not. He asked if there was any fun stories to share. Da Hae said that they were supposed to go to Seoul and film but apparently Dong Wook got sick. But when she saw him, he looked fine so she wondered if he really was. Dong Wook says don’t say that on TV because people will misunderstand. He says you can’t say that to a sick person so do it again. 
The reporter asked after so many years, did anything change. They said they got closer, more mature. Before they only care about themselves, like their own roles but now they’re able to care for others too. Da Hae teases Dong Wook saying she didn’t expect he would mature and be able to care for others. And jokes about how he has more wrinkles now. Seul Ong teases him too saying that he sounds kind of rude (like not nice) before. Dong Wook then jokingly says what kind of interview is this? LOL. And then he asked Ji Hye what she thinks of him too. 

Dong Wook worked with Da Hae and Seul Ong before so he was asked what his first impression of Ji Hye was. He said she seemed kind of cold but is very nice and kind. She laughs and says the answer is so obvious (like it’s very generic). 
Seul Ong had to leave for another schedule and Dong Wook jokes that they should edit the interview to leave him out as if he was never there and it was just the three of them. 
Dong Wook was asked between the two, who’s his type and he said neither. He’ll look for someone else, ha.  
At the end, the reporter said that there are different elements to this drama like rom-com and melo so he asked what they think their rating for viewership will be. Dong Wook says 27% and Da Hae says 10%. Dong Wook says if it hits 27% he’ll serve drinks for fans
translation: nancykimlee




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