Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 9.Bölüm İzle

Hotel King 9.Bölüm

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 7.Bölüm İzle

Hotel King 7.Bölüm   8.Bölüm Fragmanı:

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 6.Bölüm İzle

Hotel King 6.Bölüm

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 6.Bölüm Ekran Görüntüleri

Hotel King 6.Bölüm Ekran Görüntüleri:

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 5.Bölüm İzle

Hotel King 5.Bölüm Dailymotion: Part-1 | Part-2 (Altyazısız) İngilizce Altyazılı: Gooddrama

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 6.Tanıtım Fragmanı

6. Tanıtım Fragmanı: Alternatif: http://cafe.naver.com/dongwookholic/14684   VP: If you don’t want to lose, stay focused  Jae Wan: I didn’t know he would run away for his life VP: Chairman Ah Sung Won is your father VP: Make people think she’s crazy and eliminate her  Woo Hyun: How dare you do this to her?  Mo Ne: … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” 4 Dakikalık Uzun Tanıtım Fragmanı

  Altyazılı: http://vimeo.com/90442781 Lee Joong Goo (Lee Deok Hwa): Ah Sung Won, Korea’s best hotel Ciel group’s chairman is your father. I promise that I will make you king. Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook): The hotel is like paradise to me. Joong Goo: Chairman Ah’s daughter is in Korea.  Jae Wan: She has nothing … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” Dizisinden 5.Tanıtım Fragmanı!

Tanıtım-5: Mo Ne: I just hate them. I hate birds and I hate everything that has wings.  I hate you too. Kim Hae Sook’s character (Don’t know the character name ): Do you know why crazy people put flowers in their hair? It is to make it obvious in case people don’t realize that they … Okumaya devam et

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