Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” OST Full İndir & Dinle

Download: Mega | Alternatif Şifre sorarsa hulkpop.com   Parça Listesi: 01. Hotelier 02. 아파 – 김진호(히든싱어2) 03. 기다려본다 – 멜로디데이 04. 사랑한단 말 – 창민, 진운(2am) 05. 그대라서 – 더원 06. 같은자리 – 바닐라 어쿠스틱 07. 사랑병 – 루민, 티오(엠파이어) 08. 아파 (acoustic Ver.) – 김진호(히든싱어2) 09. 같은자리 (acoustic Ver.) – 바닐라 어쿠스틱 10. 사랑병 … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” Ost Part.6 / Lumin & T.O – Love Sick

Lumin & T.O (of M.Pire) – Love Sick (사랑병) I am love sick So I can’t do anything I’m really, I’m really Crying and crying and now I’m exhausted I think I am love sick But I pretended to forget you, quietly I say I can’t do it, I can do it But if I … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” Ost Part.5 / The One – Because It’s You [Güncellendi]

“Hotel King” Ost Part.5 / The One – Because It’s You  İndirmek için tıklayınız. şifre sorarsa: hulkpop.com Don’t cry, making your heart ache As if we’ll never see each other again When the cold wind blows and you get lonely You can come back to me I loved you so much so please remember me … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook Hotel King OST Part.4 / Vanilla Acoustic – Same Place [Güncellendi]

바닐라 어쿠스틱(Vanilla Acoustic) 같은자리 (Same Place) Alternatif: Online dinlemek için tıklayın. Download: GoogleDrive | Mega cr:hulkpop (şifre sorarsa: hulkpop)   You’re not talking again today Did I do something wrong? The person you were when I first saw you It’s hard to find now What might you say? It might not be the words I … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook Hotel King OST Part.3 / Kim Jin Ho – Pain [Güncellendi]

Hotel King OST Part.3 김진호 (Kim Jin Ho) – 아파 (Pain) Download: hulkpop zip şifresi: hulkpop  bu linkten dinleyebilirsiniz. It hurts to say I’ll forget you and push you away I can’t go on without you, I can’t go on without you But I can’t hold onto you with just love alone Don’t look at … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook Hotel King OST Part.2 / Changmin & Jinwoon [2AM]: Saying I Love You

Hotel King OST Part.2  창민(Changmin), 진운 (Jinwoon) [2AM] – 사랑한단 말 Download: Mediafire   İngilizce Çeviri: (cr: popgasa) I want to feel your breath one step closer baby But because I can’t move I’m just getting angry My deepening sighs tell my story But you don’t know anything I have no choice but to just … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook Hotel King OST Part.1 / Melody Day – I’ll Wait

Hotel King’in merakla beklenen OST’unun ilk partı görücüye çıktı. 4.bölümün sonunda çalan 2AM’in seslendirdiği parçanın yayınlanması beklenirken ilk olarak Melody Day grubunun seslendirdiği “기다려본다” isimli parça yayınlandı. 멜로디데이 (Melody Day) – 기다려본다 Download: Mega | GoogleDrive Şifre: hulkpop.com   Şarkının ingilizce sözleri: Because I’m bad and slow at love I’m one step too late once … Okumaya devam et

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