Lee Dong Wook “Iron / Blade Man” Dizisinde Çalan Şarkılar

Iron / Blade Man dizisinde çalan fakat orjinal ost’ta yer almayan parçalar: Yellow Monsters (옐로우 몬스터즈)/ 오 나의 그대여 6. bölüm sonunda çalan şarkı: OneRepublic / Counting Stars / Death Blossoms

Lee Dong Wook “Iron Man” OST Part.1 / Park Gyu Ri & Kara – Hello

Park Gyu Ri & Han Seung Yeon (KARA) – Hello (Iron Man / Blade Man OST) Download: Mega (Şifre sorarsa hulkpop.com deneyin.)   hello hello hello goodbye hello hello hello goodbye My heart is like this, it’s a little strange these days Even if you see me crying, don’t ask Oh hello, on rainy days, … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” OST Full İndir & Dinle

Download: Mega | Alternatif Şifre sorarsa hulkpop.com   Parça Listesi: 01. Hotelier 02. 아파 – 김진호(히든싱어2) 03. 기다려본다 – 멜로디데이 04. 사랑한단 말 – 창민, 진운(2am) 05. 그대라서 – 더원 06. 같은자리 – 바닐라 어쿠스틱 07. 사랑병 – 루민, 티오(엠파이어) 08. 아파 (acoustic Ver.) – 김진호(히든싱어2) 09. 같은자리 (acoustic Ver.) – 바닐라 어쿠스틱 10. 사랑병 … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” Ost Part.6 / Lumin & T.O – Love Sick

Lumin & T.O (of M.Pire) – Love Sick (사랑병) I am love sick So I can’t do anything I’m really, I’m really Crying and crying and now I’m exhausted I think I am love sick But I pretended to forget you, quietly I say I can’t do it, I can do it But if I … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook “Hotel King” Ost Part.5 / The One – Because It’s You [Güncellendi]

“Hotel King” Ost Part.5 / The One – Because It’s You  İndirmek için tıklayınız. şifre sorarsa: hulkpop.com Don’t cry, making your heart ache As if we’ll never see each other again When the cold wind blows and you get lonely You can come back to me I loved you so much so please remember me … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook Hotel King OST Part.4 / Vanilla Acoustic – Same Place [Güncellendi]

바닐라 어쿠스틱(Vanilla Acoustic) 같은자리 (Same Place) Alternatif: Online dinlemek için tıklayın. Download: GoogleDrive | Mega cr:hulkpop (şifre sorarsa: hulkpop)   You’re not talking again today Did I do something wrong? The person you were when I first saw you It’s hard to find now What might you say? It might not be the words I … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook Hotel King OST Part.3 / Kim Jin Ho – Pain [Güncellendi]

Hotel King OST Part.3 김진호 (Kim Jin Ho) – 아파 (Pain) Download: hulkpop zip şifresi: hulkpop  bu linkten dinleyebilirsiniz. It hurts to say I’ll forget you and push you away I can’t go on without you, I can’t go on without you But I can’t hold onto you with just love alone Don’t look at … Okumaya devam et

Lee Dong Wook Hotel King OST Part.2 / Changmin & Jinwoon [2AM]: Saying I Love You

Hotel King OST Part.2  창민(Changmin), 진운 (Jinwoon) [2AM] – 사랑한단 말 Download: Mediafire   İngilizce Çeviri: (cr: popgasa) I want to feel your breath one step closer baby But because I can’t move I’m just getting angry My deepening sighs tell my story But you don’t know anything I have no choice but to just … Okumaya devam et

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